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Coil Lamp DIY Kit

Coil reduces the domestic table lamp to the absolute minimum of defining elements. A single electrical cord coils around what appears to be an empty volume, defining the iconic form of a table lamp and ultimately powering a single light bulb.

The entire lamp is created exclusively from a 100 foot extension cord that has been wrapped around a laser-cut clear acrylic form. This simple transformation elevates the status of the humble extension cord to the realm of domestic design.

Coil Lamp is in the permanent collection of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Coil Lamp DIY Kits allow the buyer to participate in the design process by having them wrap their own extension cord to complete the form. The kit includes the laser-cut acrylic frames, bulb adaptor, and illustrated assembly instructions. Buyers will need to purchase one US-style 16 gauge 100-foot extension cord as well as one CFL lightbulb. No electrical modification of the cord required.

Made in Chicago. More info.

Assembled dimensions approx: 11"x11"x17"


  • Image of Coil Lamp DIY Kit